Android/iOS App


The Android/iOS app is a free app that gives you full status information and total dynamic control over your LOOPEREYE-B pedal from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet, so you don't have to get down on your hands and knees to configure it or change its setup, and it also avoids the need to include an expensive and not so feet-friendly touch display, since your smartphone/tablet already has it.

It's also the perfect bridge between your looper and social media apps, enabling you to share your work and creativity in seconds!

Moreover, you can connect more than one app to your LOOPEREYE-B so that you can control your loop sessions from multiple controllers at the same time! This makes it the first true multi-user looper without the need to buy any additional controller.

And since LOOPEREYE-B is a reliable and secure certified WiFi access point, you won't depend on other network or infrastructure.



OS compatibility
  • Android 10 or later
  • iOS 11 or later
  • Wear OS (*)
Supported platforms
  • Android Smartphones
  • Android Tablets (**)
  • Wear OS Smartwatches (*)
  • iPhone
  • iPad (**)

(*) Available in future releases

(**) Although 100% functional, the visualisation hasn't been optimised for Android Tablets and iPad platforms platforms yet


Quick start guide

User manual