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LOOPEREYE is a next generation loop station, combining a powerful looper engine with an easy to use smartphone application

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A new paradigm in looper pedals

LOOPEREYE® is a fully-featured loop station combining the power and flexibility of a software based audio workstation with the portability and convenience of a looper pedal.

It connects wirelessly to an intuitive Android/iOS app that lets you visualise and configure loops, save and load sessions, change the action of each footswitch on the fly, easily add/remove loops, and much more!

Visit our crowfunding campaign on Kickstarter, and see LOOPEREYE in action at YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Multiple Tracks

Get an amazing number of independent stereo tracks to build your song up, with virtually unlimited length for your loops!

High Quality Audio

24 bits, up to 192 kHz, 114 dB Dynamic Range

Stereo inputs and outputs

Android/iOS App

Visualise and control your loops and sessions with your smartphone or tablet by using our intuitive app

Embedded Synthesiser

LOOPEREYE includes an embedded synthesiser that you can control through MIDI, WiFi, or with commands mapped on the pedal's buttons

Save, Load, Share

Save and load your loops sessions, and also record your loops' progression as a full mixed song to share with those who love your music!


Tons of commands changeable on the fly, standalone mode, multiple synchronisation sources (master track, free style, metronome, MIDI) and much more!

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Next generation technology

LOOPEREYE represents a step change in looper technology, while still delivering great performance and loads of interface options. This innovation makes LOOPEREYE the most powerful, extensible, reliable, compact and low-cost looper.

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Embedded Synthesiser

The embedded synthesiser included on LOOPEREYE lets you play dozens of instruments, controlling them through the standard MIDI TRS interface, with plug-play supported USB controllers, over WiFi, or by mapping MIDI commands or keys to footswitches. So many options!

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Interfaces for everybody

LOOPEREYE gives you the chance to connect through several interfaces:

  • Direct Input/Output 1/4" TS Jacks
  • MIDI WiFi
  • USB
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Configurable channels

With LOOPEREYE you can adjust the input gain of each channel to adapt to your type of instrument. You can then use stereo panned outputs, or if want to use only one amplifier or line, you can mix everything on to a single channel.

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Android/iOS App

Visualise and control your loops with your smartphone, save and load your sessions preserving individual track audio, define how tracks interact and synchronise, record and share a mixed song, and more!